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Foundation Year


The Foundation Year Management Committee is responsible, in consultation with Faculty Boards and other authorities concerned, for ensuring the quality of the Foundation Year.

Membership 2022-23

Chair: Professor Christopher Young

Deputy Chair: Professor Martin Crowley

Secretary: Dr Alex Pryce

Institution Name
School of the Arts and Humanities

Professor Christopher Young (on sabbatical Lent and Easter 2023)

Professor Jocelyn Wyburd (Lent and Easter 2023)

School of the Humanities and Social Sciences Dr Ella McPherson
Education Dr Joe Sutliff Sanders 
Human, Social, and Political Sciences Dr Christopher Brooke
History Professor Caroline Goodson 
Land Economy Dr Maria Abreu
Law Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn
History of Art Dr John Munns 
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Dr Christine van Ruymbeke
Classics Dr Rosanna Omitowoju
Divinity Dr Katharine Dell
English Dr Fiona Green
Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics Professor Martin Crowley 
Music Dr Peter Harrison
Philosophy Vacant
Language Centre

Dr Nebojša Radić (Lent and Easter 2023)

Professor Jocelyn Wyburd (Acting School of Arts and Humanities representative Lent and Easter 2023)

College representative Dr Andrew Spencer
College representative Dr Stuart Davis
External Examiner Dr Willy Kitchen
Student representative

Neve Atkinson (Cambridge SU)

Isaac James (Foundation Year)

ICE representative  Dr Detina Zalli 
Co-opted TBC