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Admissions Assessment

This page contains information designed to help applicants prepare for the assessment. It relates to the 2023 entry admissions assessment but will be updated in Autumn 2023 with information relating to the 2024 entry assessment.


Guide to Completing the Foundation Year Admissions Assessment 

We strongly encourage applicants to read the full Guide to Completing the Foundation Year Admissions Assessment before completing the Assessment. This will be available by December 2023. This document outlines important information about how to complete the assessment, information you need to have to hand, technical requirements, and what to expect in each section. 


Preparing for the Foundation Year Admissions Assessment 

You can prepare for the assessment using the sample paper we have prepared (see below). When it is available, we also encourage you to familiarise yourself with the ‘Guide to Completing the Foundation Year Admissions Assessment’ above includes details of the structure and offers some tips for how you might approach each section. 

The assessment is not subject-specific although it covers material across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. There is no curriculum content you will need to learn or revise in advance. Instead, the assessment will encourage you to showcase your skills in response to a range of question prompts and activities. 


Sample Paper 

*Please note there are changes to the format and nature of the tasks for 2024 entry. An updated sample paper will be available by December 2024*

A full sample paper is available. You can download this sample paper (PDF) here.

Alternatively, you can access a ‘sandbox’ of the test environment that includes the sample paper content. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the test environment and technical requirements, as well as allowing you the chance to practice under timed conditions. Any completed sample papers are not reviewed by anyone. Access the ‘sandbox sample paper’ here. 


Further support 


Reasonable Adjustments and Disability Support 

If you are shortlisted, we wish to ensure that, wherever possible, we can make any appropriate adjustments/allowances. We will use the information you provide in the FY Adjustments & Allowances form you received from us on submission of your UCAS application to offer candidates who usually receive extra time in examinations extra time for the timed portions of the assessment. You will have until 9 February 2024 to return this form to us so adjustments can be made for the admissions assessment.

The assessment web environment is accessible, and applicants are welcome to use assistive technologies such as screen readers if they require them. Any video/audio content is closed captioned.