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Foundation Year


Completing the Foundation Year will equip students to continue to a wide range of degree courses in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Whether you stay at Cambridge or continue your studies elsewhere, you will receive a recognised qualification, a Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) from the University of Cambridge, which will help set you up for successful study and careers in a range of fields.

Further study at Cambridge

At Cambridge, completing the course to the required standard will allow you to progress on to one of 18 degree courses. Some degree courses require the completion of relevant curriculum streams, just as some currently have subject requirements for admission. You will also need to perform well on the Foundation Year as your future place will be conditional on your performance on the course (attaining 65% or more overall). However, you will not need to 'reapply' to Cambridge for undergraduate study in the usual sense.

Courses you could progress to are:

* indicates a required stream combination for progression

It is not possible to progress from the Foundation Year to subjects not listed here. You will remain at your Foundation Year College for your degree study.

Further study elsewhere

All students will also be supported during the Foundation Year to apply to other degree courses at other universities via UCAS. The Certificate of Higher Education in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CertHE), which is a Level 4 qualification, is widely accepted for admission, and you will have access to support for completing your UCAS application.