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Foundation Year


"The Foundation Year has been the best opportunity of my life and a truly invaluable experience. As well as the overt teaching to prepare us for undergraduate degrees, it's really helped me grow as a person, to feel more confident, able to speak and like I belong."

- Kerrie, Girton College, 2022

"It is safe to say the Foundation Year is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even if you don't stay you will gain so much from this year, including stories to tell the grandkids and an amazing group of friends."

- Freddie, Sidney Sussex College, 2022

"Although it seems like a daunting prospect, it should be a rewarding experience that enhances and enables you to take in so much, learn and gain knowledge. The most important part is that the experience is not limited to your academic journey, but also your personal journey as you will grow so much as a person and the understanding that you gain will stay with you for life."

- Senya, Downing College, 2022