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Foundation Year


Kyle Hutchinson, a pastoral tutor from Nottingham College, has been recognised in the University of Cambridge’s Inspiring Educator of the Year Awards. Kyle was nominated by Foundation Year student Jess Burton who benefitted from the support they provided in her sixth form studies and application to the Cambridge Foundation Year.

“I come from a Sixth Form College where people don’t do what I intended to do. It wasn’t much heard of to attend Oxbridge universities without additional tutoring or a private school education under your belt. The College has limited resources in supporting applications, especially from a neuro-divergent person like myself [...] I genuinely cannot thank Kyle enough for all that they did. If it hadn’t been for Kyle, I’d probably be working in a menial job and spending every spare minute of the day knee-deep in queer vampire literature instead of pushing my limits. And look where I am now…in Cambridge, surrounded by academic talent and facing new challenges every day. I’m still into queer vampire literature, but you can’t win every battle!”

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